Who we are

IntegralHelp is an innovative and revolutionary company who offers high specialized professional services for investors,small and médium companies and institutions of any field. As a leader company, our efforts are directed to the business excellence and to the achievement of objectives, giving guarantees like this our customers satisfaction.

Professional Solutions

Our experts in fiscal,juridical fields, marketing and trade, will found for you the solutions that bring you to SUCESS.

Exclusive Tourism

Exclusive plans,where we deal with the mínimum detail,creating experiences for the more demanding travelers.

External Services

For any services you need, as an insurance,technology or perfomance,we take care of all the management from the beginning to the end.

We take care of everything

Thanks to Integral Help, you can have at one`s disposal a profesional team with a WIDE EXPERIENCE who will make your life easier.

High Specialized Services

Permanent Services of countable, juridical, fiscal and legal advice for your company, that involves an exhaustive monitoring, presentation and drawing of reports relating to your business activity.

If you are foreigner, you are thinking about change your residence and you need to know where to live, you can rely on us. We`ll look for a place to live and move with your family , a new country, a new school for your children , change your Company place or invest in another country . You`ll have lots of questions , but don`t worry ,we deal with your chance of life, it will be the more satisfactory as possible.

IntegralHelp offers personalized services of fiscal labor and countable advice of any King of customers,national and foreigner.

Each business has some fiscal needs depending the size,the sector,the employees number or the place where its activity is developed. For that reason,our team of specialist is ready to afford you the best solutions according to yours needs.

Our advice concept goes further than make easier the fulfilling of legal and tax obligations. To that effect, we offer as well ,the guarantees of confidentiality, privacy and data protection.


  • Countable Auditing and Management
  • Financial Accouting
  • Special Reports
  • Business Accounting


  • Fiscal Auditing – Administrative Appeals
  • Taxes Management
  • Others Advice Services


  • Labor Law
  • Labor Consultancy
  • Human Resources
  • Labor Auditing
  • Law on Aliens
  • Financial
  • Trade


  • Juridical and Commercial
  • Advice Services
  • Other Services

We give advice during all the process and we analyse the request with the best opportunities in the property market, as well the business perspectives.

We offers a wide range of services, from the searching of the perfect property, for particulars and companies; the comercial management of the property; the buying and selling of assets or the contract signing. Among our services:

Renting for foreigners

  • Tourism
  • Temporary or Permanent Residence

Buying and Selling of Assets

  • For the Investment and Explotation
  • Temporary or Permanent Residence


Touristic and Rural Apartments

Property Comprehensive Management and Administration of Investment Funds

Property Promotion

English – German – Rusian – French – Italian – Portuguese – Hebrew – Arab – Chinese – Joruba

Communicate and understand is fundamental in business world. A misinterpretation of information or not to know how to express it correctly,could carry awful consequences at the business level.

IntegralHelp offers a linguistic consultancy service and also,we talk,write and interpret all the languages that you need. From our Modern Languages Department,we will help you to improve and develop international relationships with your customers.

Our action sectors are:

Linguistic Consultancy

Texts writing and correction in different languages

  • Ortho-typographical correction
  • Ortho-typographical and Style correction
  • Rewriting
  • Writing with provided documentary material
  • Writing without provided documentary material
  • Writing of business documents

Languages native training

  • Commercial,technical and business langueges courses


  • Commercial
  • Audiovisual
  • Economic and Financial
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Web Texts
  • Technical and Touristic
  • Literary
  • Juridical


  • In situ
  • Telephonic

With our languages service we help you to improve and develop international relationships with your customers.

The era 3.0 where we are immersed,it`s unquestionable that companies must be digitalized and they have too a strong presence on line, through different possibilities that internet, marketing and computing offer us. For this reason, Integral Help make you available some customers complete services in this sectors:


  • Consultancy
  • Marketing Plans
  • Outsourcing Marketing Department
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Positioning SEO
  • SEM: Digital Publicity


  • Business Software, ERP,CRM,SGA,Accounting,made to mesure and external developments. Change management and training
  • Advice, Management and Maintenance
  • Computing Security, Ethical Hacking
  • Net Systems and Telecommunication. Implementation of systems with wi-fi Access points

At INTEGRAL HELP ,we organize every kind of personalized travels to satisfy the tasters and needs of our customers. With our consultancy services and touristic management, our customers will sabe a lot of time , as we`ll offer them all the information and the necessary resources to trave with a complete relief. A correct planning and a good choice of itinararies and hotels will be fundamental to enjoy a travel wheteher it is for business or for pleasure.

In our catalogue, we offer some options of rural and urban tourism. At both of them, we have the next services:

VIP Tourism

  • Couple or small group until 8 people

Cultural Tourism

  • Monuments,Ruins, Paintings, Archeology, Monastereis, Church
  • Group until fifteen people speaking the same language

Business Tourism For Inverstors

  • Conference
  • Annuals
  • Employees Award

Night Tourism

Day Tourism

Events Tourism

Other Kind Of Tourism

  • Honey Moon
  • Silver Wedding
  • Golden Wedding
  • Engagements
  • Divorces
  • Hen and stag parties

Besides all the services detailed before,we boast on anything else under request. You only have to tell us what you need and our team will deal with ererything to offer you the best option.

Some of our external service are:


Car Renting

Catering Services



Private Security

Medical Services

VIP GUARANTEE, we are responsible of everything without you have to worry about nothing.


Our team

At Integral Help we have technique , human and methodological of high level, that allow us to offer to our customers an service high specialized Service in a record time and with full guarantees.

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